Monday, March 28, 2011

Awesome 2 days...

What an awesome two days it's been. Yesterday was great at the Scripps Mesa campus! All the fellas did a great job getting their kids ready for church as their wives were up at the Newbreak Women's Retreat in Ramona. My wife got back yesterday afternoon and she said it was the best ever!

After speaking at the Scripps Mesa campus in the morning, I got to play drums in the worship band for the Sunday evening service. DJ Marx & Lisa Rountree, the new worship leader at the El Cajon campus, led worship. What an amazing night of worship! If you haven't heard Lisa lead worship yet, you'll have to visit the Newbreak El Cajon campus! Off the hook good! Pastor Eric was his usual stellar self, especially how he worked in the word "hemorrhoids" into the message. He had the whole place rolling! (See 1 Sam. 5:6)

After services, several of us went over to the San Diego Rescue Mission for their Sunday evening service. It was great to see all the guys who are going through the program. God is doing some major life transformation there!

This morning, my buddy Mike and I went to help my dad paint the inside of his house. We knocked that out and it looked like a new place. My dad has been in that house for 47 years. It's the house I grew up in and was in much need of a makeover. We laughed a lot and got it done!

Costa Pool from my iPhone
Tonight was the capper! I got to baptize Michelle Jackson from my Newbreak Life group. Our whole group was there and went to dinner afterwards. It's been an amazing 2 days!

Hmmm...I wonder what photo tip I'll feature tomorrow. Any photo tip questions out there that need to be answered?


Melda said...

Here's my questions........ lots of rainbows here in Guam. But when I snap a photo, it doesn't look as good as the "real thing". Should I be using some kind of filter on my lens??

Darrel Larson said...

Depending on the time of day, a polarizing filter can help. Early mornings and late afternoons usually don't need one, but in the heart of the day, it can come in handy.

What software do you use to edit photos in?